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     Creating Homemade Instruments

         Attached are directions to create homemade instruments from home. 

          Please follow each direction and when you complete creating your instrument, play a song (you can create your own musical composition).






    Grade 2 Music Lesson Plans May 11th to May 15th 2020

                Create your own Pan Flute Instrument            Pg. 1


    1. Print out the pan pipe holder template (see download link at bottom of post). There are two designs you can choose from. Alternatively, cut two 12cm x 4cm rectangles of card to decorate however you want.
    2. Color both parts of the pan pipe holder.
    3. Cut six drinking straws to different lengths. Start with the longest and cut each one progressively shorter. The longest of mine was about 24cm and the shortest was 8cm. Use your best judgement when cutting - you don´t need to be very accurate!
    4. Put a strip of double sided sticky tape on the backs of both holder parts. Stick the straws in order of length to one of the holders. Make sure the tops of the straws align above the card (about 1.5cm - 2cm).
    5. Stick the other holder part on top to finish, and have fun playing your pan pipes!






























     the flute






    May 4th, 2020 to May 8th 2020 2nd Grade Lesson Plans (last 2 weeks)

                                                                                                      How to make a Rain stick:



    • Paper towel rolls
    • Tape
    • Construction paper
    • Scissors
    • Markers
    • Popcorn kernels (if no popcorn kernels, old buttons, beads, anything to make sound in the paper towel roll).
    • optional – feathers for decoration!


    • Use any type of decorations you want to add to your rain stick and decorate the entire paper towel roll. You can draw pictures on the paper towel roll with markers, glue buttons, tape feathers on the end of the roll, etc.
    • After you finish decorating your paper towel roll, you will cover the one end of the paper towel roll with construction paper and tape. Tape it tight so the popcorn kernels will not fall out when you add them into your rain stick.
    • After you added the popcorn kernels to the inside of your rain stick, tape the top of the paper towel tube with construction paper (the same as you did to the bottom of your rain stick).
    • Again, tape the paper tight so the kernels will not fall out of the rain stick.
    • Add your fetters or stripes of paper you cut out at the end of your rain stick.




    How to make a Rain Stick                                       pg.2

    • Now it’s time to make some “Rain Music”. Shake your rain stick with your hands and have some fun making some “Rain Music”




    If the note is on the space, you will use the FACE


    • You count from the bottom line or space to where the note is on the line or space.



    Directions: Please reads the story below called “The Rain Stick a Fable”.  You can find the story on “You Tube”.  Type in the title of the story on “You Tube” and the read loud version of the story will appear.