• Music Lesson Plans Grade 2

    Objective: Peter and the Wolf music story


    Peter and the Wolf is a music story about a young boy named Peter who goes on an adventure in the woods.  But danger lurks in those woods and Peter is faced with trouble.  How does Peter face those dangers?  Listen to the story and find out!


    Included on the next page is a worksheet that you will complete.


    • A copy of the” Peter and the Wolf” Cut and Tell Worksheet.
    • Scissors
    • A blank sheet of white paper
    • Tape or glue

    Put your name of the “Peter and the Wolf” Worksheet

    Cut out the sequence parts in the “Peter and the Wolf” Cut and Tell Worksheet.

    Listen to the story of “Peter and the Wolf” (Link is included above)

    Place the correct order of the sequence on the blank piece of paper and glue or tape the sequence. 

    Rhythm Games to motivate students.

    Fold a blank piece of paper four times. 

    Have the students open the folded piece of paper.

    Tell the students to write the rhythm the teacher states to the class.