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    Quarter 3 Deadline- May 29

    Quarter 4 Deadline- June 9

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    *You need to know your Locker Number and Lock Combination!

    *If you have books at home (novels or texts, etc.) bring them with you and put them in your lockers on that day!


    Above: Color Theory Design Student Examples

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    Abstract Art Display

    Above: O'Keeffe Inspired Abstract Art Display



    Above: Abstract Expressionism Independent Collaboration!

    By Daniel and Alyssa

    Thank you for turning in all the pictures of your artwork and written work!

    Turning in Assignments Announcement (4/16/20):

    Continue to turn things in on Google Classroom.  Great Job!

    (I am having storage problems with my school email [rparker@nfschools.net] from all the pictures and want to make sure I receive them to keep up with grading.)

    Please send ALL pictures (of artwork and assignments) to my teacher Gmail: 


    How to Contact me:

    Remind code: @parkerart (text for questions, also quick announcements and reminders will be posted here)

    Gmail: missparker.nf.art@gmail.com (Please send pictures of your artwork and assignments here!)

    School email: rparker@nfschools.net (another way to contact me if you have any questions, no pictures sent here)

     How to get Assignments:

    Google Classroom: (NEW assignments will be posted and turned in here; also helpful materials, extra credit, and Quarter 3 make up work)

    (Please text or email me your gmail so that I can invite you to join your class period.)

    You will need a Gmail for Google Classroom...For example, my Google Classroom email is missparker.nf.art@gmail.com


    Please keep checking up on Powerschool for your grades and missing assignments!

    Keep thinking creatively.  I hope you are all doing well and look forward to seeing everyone soon!

    -Ms. Parker


    Updated Grading Policy Changes: 5/10/20

    Click for details: Grading Policy Document

    • No Final Art Exam/Project
    • Quarter 4 and individual assignments will not be numerically calculated...
      • (however completion could help you pass art)
    • Quarter 4 individual assignments are marked as:
      • Collected= Returned and Complete
      • Incomplete= Not turned in
    • catch up on Quarter 3 work for credit by May 29
    • See below for Quarter weights and Q4 letter Grades:


       Quarter 1 (Q1=33.33%)

       Quarter 2 (Q2=33.33%)

    + Quarter 3 (Q3=33.33%)


    Overall Course Grade (Y1=100%)


    *Quarter 4 letter grades as followed earned during online learning:

      • P = Pass

      • F = Fail

      • M = Mastery (extraordinary effort and quality of work)


    *Updated Late Work Policy- Points will not be taken off for work being late, but please try your best to stay caught up so that you don't fall behind.  This is our last marking period of the year!  Finish strong!

    From the NFHS COVID-19 Phased Grading Guidelines:

    Phase 1 – Connectivity and Feedback 

    1. Feedback follows the TAG template: 
    • Tells students what they did well
    • Asks a question about their thinking 
    • Gives suggestions for improvement 

    *(These are covered in your artist statement-critiques.)

    Quarter 3 Assignments- on Google Classroom and Due May 29!


    Quarter 4 Assignments- Starting April 13 and All Due June 9 at the latest!


    Weekly Assignments with Daily Prompts from Google Classroom:

    Weekly Assignment #1- Due April 20

    (Weekly Assignment #1 Due date is extended to April 27) 

    Weekly Assignment #2- EXTRA CREDIT- Due April 27


     Biweekly Assignment #3- Due May 11

     Weekly Assignment #4 & #5- Due May 26 **due date changed to May 29

    Weekly Assignment #6- Due June 8  **This is the last project!

     Library Extra Credit:

    A library skill escape room!  Click the link below and let me know what you thought!


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