Dear Parents and Guardians,                                          


    Last school year the District implemented PowerSchool, a software application that tracks students’ schedules, grades, attendance, and other records. PowerSchool contains a feature called “Parent Portal” that allows a student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) to view the student’s school information from any computer with internet access. When fully implemented, Parent Portal will also allow parents or guardians to view grades to date (report cards and progress reports), schedules, assignments and messages from teachers and school bulletins. Students will also be able to view their records. The system is very easy to use for persons of average technology ability. If you can shop on-line, you can use this system!

    Parents of students in will be able to view attendance and grades. As more functions become available, more will be available for you to see on Parent Portal.

    Using Parent Portal, parents and guardians can only see information relating to their child(ren). This 21st Century tool has the ability to offer real-time feedback on student achievement and will be helpful to all parents and guardians, especially those for whom work or other obligations make it difficult to contact teachers during the day.

    In order to use Parent Portal, you must first create one account for your use. The only requirement is that you have an e-mail account, through any provider you choose. During the creation process, add all your children to that account. (Parents can create accounts for their individual use).  Directions to create an account are on the attached document.  Last year we mailed your student’s Access ID and Access Password.  If you still need this information you can contact your child’s school or you may call our helpdesk at 286- 4212.  If you have more than one child, you will need each student’s Access ID and Access Password.

    Students may create their own accounts using this information, so they can track their own progress.

    The Portal will open in September, once we have all the scheduling complete.  

    We feel the Parent Portal feature will be very helpful to parents, guardians, and students who choose to use it. Check it out!

    If you have questions about setting up your account, please call 286-4212.

    If you have questions about your child(ren)’s information, please call the school your child(ren) attend.