Welcome to Inventing Tomorrow!

 $66.7 Million Project With NO Cost To The Local Taxpayer

On September 25, 2012, residents voted in favor of on a $66.7 million capital project called  Inventing Tomorrow. This capital improvement plan allowed schools to increase security,  become more compliant with ADA, improve energy efficiency, increase student achievement, and install synthetic turf on new and pre-existing athletic fields.

The District continues to provide programs and facilities that meet the needs of the students and  expectations of the community, while operating within the financial realities of the day. These projects included reconstruction and upgrades to schools and improvements to health, safety, security, and instruction. The District also needed to address the limited technology infrastructure available in order to operate a modern technology program in the schools. Without improvements to technology, the students would have been be at a competitive disadvantage compared to those from other districts.

The community completed these projects at no additional cost to the taxpayer because of EXCEL (Expanding Children's Education and Learning) funds, State Building Aid, and Greenway Funds.