• Internal Telephone and Voice-mail Instructions (click on telephone)

    Voice Mail Instructions

     Installing Lotus Notes Traveler for Apple iPhone     Image result for iphone

    1.  Open the browser and go to the address http://notes1.nfschools.net/servlet/traveler

    2.  Select Generate an Apple Profile for Apple Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Apps

    3.  Login with your internet address and password when prompted

    4.  Follow instructions for Install


    Installing Lotus Notes for android devices

    1. Go to the Google Play Store      Google Play

    2. Search for and install the IBM Verse app   IBM Verse

    • On initial setup  

      • Use your company server name = http://notes1.nfschools.net

      •  Enter your (web) user name and password  (example: user name = jdoe,  password = ABCde1234)