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    286-4200- Available 24 Hours A Day


    When calling in an absence please state the following:



                        1.  Student's name


                     2.  Grade & homebase


                     3.  Reason for absence & length of


                     4.  Contact phone number
                             5.   Name of person calling and
                          relationship to student   
    You're doing word problems in math class tomorrow.  Sounds like the perfect day to suddenly come down with a cold, doesn't it!  Not so fast!  Learning builds day by day.  You can't stay on top of your class work if you're not there to listen and take notes.  In subjects like math and science, where the lessons you will learn this week will be the basis for next week's lessons, it is crucial that you attend class every day.
    You might be able to think of a dozen things you'd rather be doing than sitting through class, but right now, your number one responsibility is learning.
    Whenever your child is absent or even late, they should bring a note from the parent, doctor or dentist stating the reason for the absence/tardy, with a contact phone number so the note can be verified.  If your child is absent, you should call the 24 hour Attendance-Call-In line at 286-4200 and leave a message.  If you call us, we won't have to contact you.
    We are using a new calling system-Connect-Ed, which is an automated dialing system that will leave a message on the phone number that is listed on our records as your home phone.  You should receive a message telling you if your child was absent.  Watch for these messages on your voice mail or answering machine.
    Being late for school hurts a child's learning too.  A student who is 10 minutes late every day will miss 30 hours of instruction during the year.  











Last Modified on August 29, 2006